The television collaborator has clarified that the break has been recent

“Today there is no relationship. The relationship is broken”, has affirmed Ana Maria Aldón. The sentimental rupture of Jose Fernando and Michu is confirmed.

A relationship that has been characterized by instability and that finally has not been able to come to fruition, since they planned to say “yes I do” when leaving the rehabilitation center where the son of Jose Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado.

“There is no wedding. That’s how it is. I’m not against someone getting married, quite the contrary, but I think that’s what she would like”, has stated Aldon in the program “Viva la vida” in which she usually collaborates every Sunday.

“The relationship today is broken”, she has indicated, specifying that the couple has recently ended their relationship. And although the ruptures in this couple have been a constant, the designer wanted to highlight that the lack of coexistence has been one of the causes of the distance between Michu and José Fernando.

The son of “the greatest” has been admitted since 2017 in the San Juan de Dios de Ciempozuelos center where he is recovering.

José Fernando and Michu have a girl in common, María del Rocío, who was born in February 2017, a few months after José Fernando’s admission to the psychiatric center.

Aldón has wanted to put herself in Michu’s place and has understood the difficulties that she must be going through to raise a girl alone. I know what she must be going through raising her daughter alone. That’s how it is. But you are the one who has to raise your daughter. She has pointed out.

Time will tell if it is a relationship crisis or a definitive breakup. The whole family is dedicated to the recovery of José Fernando and waiting for his next departure from the San Juan de Dios center.

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