Joaquín Prat talks about the trauma that his separation has caused him: “Only that woman has existed in my life”

Joaquín Prat talks about the trauma that his separation has caused him: “Only that woman has existed in my life”

Joaquín Prat has never sought to be the protagonist of the news, but this Wednesday night, the presenter, always accustomed to being the interviewer, has gone on to be interviewed by Jesus Calleja in a new installment of ‘Planeta Calleja’, where he has taken the opportunity to summarize his broad and extensive professional career over the last two decades.

Very discreet with his personal life, as he has shown on the occasions in which he has been asked about it, he has opened his heart to talk about his separation, which took place last summer: “I needed to disconnect a little, because I am in a moment in my life with many changes, with a very big professional challenge and an even bigger personal one… sometimes things don’t work out, but I wish it hadn’t been like that”, slides the protagonist.

Continuing with this matter, he has also confessed that the break with Yolanda Bravo the woman he has been with for more than twelve years and with whom he has a seven-year-old daughter, has brought about a change in his life that, at first, was traumatic: “I have always thought that life is to be shared with someone else, but between my job and my son I have little time left. For me there has only been one woman in my life, this woman”, sentence.

Joaquin Prat and Yolanda Bravo

After almost a year as a single man, and confessing that he is one of those people who “needs to have a partner”, Joaquín Prat affirms that this radical change in his life has not been easy, and that is why sometimes “The walls are falling on him”although little by little he is getting used to being alone, being fully aware that the decision they both made was for the good of all: “I am happy at times”, concludes the beloved Mediaset presenter.

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