The shocking moment in which gunmen open fire on the Paraguayan mayor José Carlos Acevedo |  VIDEO

The shocking moment in which gunmen open fire on the Paraguayan mayor José Carlos Acevedo | VIDEO

On Tuesday, the city mayor Paraguayan Pedro Juan Caballero, José Carlos Acevedo, was attacked with bullets by at least one hooded person in the middle of a public thoroughfare. Today the images of the moment in which he was riddled were known.

The family of Acevedowho is in an induced coma in a delicate state of health, blamed the president for the attack Mario Abdo Benitezaccording to The nation from Paraguay. The case adds to the recent murder of a drug prosecutor.

The mayor received seven bullet shots and is in a virtually irreversible state and his life “it is turning off”, according to the statements of a doctor from the hospital where he is hospitalized. Dr. David Peña, a doctor at the Viva Vida hospital, maintained that Acevedo suffered a decompensation and is in an irreversible state. As a result of multiple organ failure, the doctor said that life expectancies are minimal and that it is humanly impossible to reverse the case.

In the video, recorded by the municipal security cameras, you can see how a person gets out of a vehicle in the middle of the street and shoots Mayor Acevedo. The incident occurred around 4:31 p.m. on Tuesday, in broad daylight.

According to some witnesses who were in the area, three hooded people got out of the car in question. After shooting at the mayor, the vehicle backed up and then, at full speed, fled the scene. The car was eventually found incinerated near the crime scene.

Jose Carlos Acevedo, Mayor of Paraguay.

At the time of the incident, the 53-year-old Paraguayan official had recently left the municipal compound, after a meeting with council members. In fact, he was going to the opening of a work and accompanied by his brother. He was in his truck when he was attacked.

The mayor was “fighting for his life in the operating room in a delicate state”The director of the Pedro Juan Caballero Regional Hospital, Saúl Recalde, told local television stations.

Recalde maintained that he is in contact with the intervening medical team, according to the newspaper Last hour. A key witness, whose identity was withheld, reported that, as he left the Municipal Board, a hooded person pointed a firearm at his face, presumably a pistol.

“That made me run, when I turned around they started shooting, I saw the mayor running from the other side of the street and that’s when I realized that they weren’t shooting at me and the attack wasn’t towards me, I was so scared that I didn’t I knew if they came to me or to the mayor,” he told the television station Noticias Paraguay (NPY).

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