Jhonny Caz, from Grupo Firme, receives a marriage proposal on stage

Jhonny Caz, from Grupo Firme, receives a marriage proposal on stage

It was during his presentation in New York that the singer got engaged This has been a week of many emotions for Jhonny Caz, the end of the firm Grupo tour for the remainder of 2021, winning a Latin Grammy and, not least, a marriage proposal at Madison Square Garden. That’s right, the third voice of the unstoppable Grupo Firme received a monumental surprise during the presentation of the group in the iconic New York venue, and although many details have not yet been revealed, so it is shown in the family’s Instagram stories of Jhonny, some of them helped plan the
romantic moment. Daisy Anahy, Eduin Caz’s wife, shared a video of Jhonny singing on stage and added the text “Aiiñ, you
look very calm, you don’t know what awaits you”, in anticipation of the moment that would arrive a few minutes later.

Jhonny’s boyfriend, whom he affectionately nicknames “La Ley”, took the stage, and although normally that is a part of his life that the singer prefers to keep to himself, he was shocked to see Jonathan, who normally supports him from the front row at almost every concert.

On the screen, behind all the members of the band, a series of photographs of both appeared and, to the emotion of the thousands of spectators and an incredulous Jhonny, Jonathan knelt on one knee and showed Caz a ring to ask him to marry.

Just when the moment could not get more emotional, Eduin began to sing “The world at your feet” and it was there that Johnny said yes and the couple closed the beautiful moment with a kiss and “I love you” from Jonathan.

The entire Madison Square Garden rumbled between celebrations for the iconic moment and it took Caz a long time to come out of shock. Between hugs with her now fiancé, tears and saying yes a thousand times, the night became one of Grupo Firme’s most emotional concerts and a perfect way to close a week full of triumphs and achievements for the band from Tijuana and, above all, all, for the interpreter who has given voice to the LGBTQ + community within the world of the regional. Jonathan and Jhonny met a long time ago, for years they were just friends, until they decided to give love a chance. It is not strange to see them taking advantage of their free days to travel through magical towns in Mexico, going to the epic Caz family parties or simply living together during the moments before going on stage.

Both are a couple with a great sense of humor, so much so that Jhonny announced his engagement showing off a photo of the taquitos that he was having dinner, where his brand new engagement ring coincidentally appeared accompanied by the text “How rich are the tacos.

A few months ago, during an exclusive interview with the singer, within the framework of pride month, Jhonny stressed the importance and how much it meant to hear how more and more people from the community approached him to thank him for breaking stereotypes within the genre musical. Caz also stressed that things are changing, in Grupo Firme’s concerts it is no longer strange to see rainbow flags, they are events where more than a family atmosphere, there is one of respect and inclusion.

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