Carmen Borrego is finally sincere about Alejandra Rubio and Terelu Campos and criticizes her

Carmen Borrego is finally sincere about Alejandra Rubio and Terelu Campos and criticizes her

The collaborator has been very clear about her relationship with her family after her intervention in ‘Sabado Deluxe’

The fields are still nail. Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego have been at odds for weeks as a result of the conflicts that the latter had been dragging with her niece Alejandra Rubio.

It seemed that they had reached a point of understanding and that reconciliation was around the corner after the family reunion on Belén Esteban’s birthday, but the intervention of the collaborator of ‘Save me’ in the polygraph of ‘Saturday Deluxe’ has changed all the schemes.

After passing through the set of the program, the tertullian has finally opened up publicly about her feelings, but his words have earned him a few criticisms.

The truth is Terelu Campos did not seem very happy with her sister’s intervention in the ‘Saturday Deluxe’ polygraph. In fact, she was not aware of Carmen Borrego’s appointment on the set and she found out in full direct of ‘Viva la vida’ by her companions.

Are you telling me the truth?”, she asked incredulously. The collaborator did not enter into her head that the little daughter of María Teresa Campos submitted to Conchita’s bloody questions at a time when reconciliation seemed close.

I hope this doesn’t turn back. I don’t want to take a step back, it would hurt a lot,” Alejandra Rubio’s mother said in distress.

Carmen Borrego’s polygraph was less aggressive than expected. However, she did acknowledge that it had hurt a lot that her sister threatened to show her alleged true face to her husband, José Carlos Bernal.

In addition, she crossed out her niece Alejandra Rubio to be “inconsistent” in her studies. “I think it’s evidence, not that I say so. It is not a bad thing, one can be wrong many times on the path to take”, she sentenced. A few words that could add even more fuel to the fire.

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