The ‘Diva of the Bronx’ fully supports Affleck and considers that any negative characterization, both of him and the rumors that she is angry with the actor for blaming Garner for his alcoholism, are out of place

Jennifer Lopez set the record straight and denied rumors after it circulated that she was allegedly offended by her boyfriend Ben Affleck’s comments regarding Jennifer Garner.

Exclusively for People magazine, it was where the singer showed that she fully supports Affleck and considers any negative characterization to be out of place.

“This story is simply not true. It is not what I feel ”, was what the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ declared, highlighting that“ I could not have more respect for Ben as a father and as a person”.

And it is that last week, Ben received significant criticism on social networks for blaming his ex-wife for his addiction to alcohol.

It was during an appearance on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, where Affleck claimed that he had become an alcoholic because of the problems he faced in his marriage to Garner.

“We had a marriage that did not work out, this happens, with someone I love and respect, but with whom I should no longer be married”

Ben Affleck

She added: “In the end, we tried, we tried and we tried because we had kids, but he would probably still be drinking. It’s part of the reason I started drinking because I was trapped.”

The actor later made it clear in a later interview on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ that he would never want his children Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9, to think that he would say something negative about their mother and disagreed with the narrow focus of his comments on Howard Stern’s show.

“The truth is that it hurts my feelings that people have not understood well what I said. It is making me look like the most insensitive, stupid and evil guy in the world, “said the actor, assuring that he was only trying to articulate how much they respected and cared for each other, as well as for their children, whom they put first. place.

As proof is that Affleck revealed that he took his children into account before rekindling things with JLo , 17 years after they called off their engagement in 2004.

“The responsibility that I have towards my children is the most important of all, so I would not do anything that could be destructive or painful for them if I can avoid it,” she responded when asked if he had doubts about returning to Lopez as the father of three children.

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