Rosie Rivera, the sister of the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, gave details of the relationship she had at some point with her family. She assured that she put them first than his life

Rosie Rivera assured that for her there was a kind of “toxic loyalty” with her family. Jenni Rivera’s sister recently gave these statements that continue to expose the relationship between members of the Rivera family.

Rosie has had differences with the children of “La diva de la banda” due to the management of the companies and the money of Jenni Rivera, an empire which she had to manage after the death of the singer.

“I damaged my marriage by making my relatives, my family, number one. I believed that my family would never leave me, that my family would be united forever. I had a toxic loyalty to my family, a loyalty so strong that I put them first before my life, before me. The family can grow apart and even if they don’t leave you, they pass away: my sister didn’t leave me, she didn’t abandon me, but she passed away and I had her in the first place and now I only have Abel (her husband) and if I don’t grow that I am going to feel alone and collapsed in my relationship, ”said Rosie Rivera.

A few days ago, a video was published on Juan Rivera’s YouTube channel in which Rosie assures that they called her a shoplifter on the street.

“A girl told the boy ‘look, she looks like Jenni’s sister'” and the young man replied “if she looks like Rosie, no more than Rosie is a shoplifter “, said the sister of the “Diva of the band ”Amid tears.

“This year has taught me a lot. This year I noticed that many people are not there. Yesterday I noticed that a lot of family does not follow me. I thought that I only lost my children, I knew that I lost Lupe and Gustavo a few years ago and you start to wonder who else doesn’t believe in me and your mind starts to roll . Knowing that your family doesn’t believe in you hurts and then you start to see who does believe in you and you appreciate those who do believe in you. Thanks to those who do believe in me ” , she also added in the midst of tears.

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