The one who was the vocalist of Pic-nic remains active more than half a century after having started in music

Jeanette began her musical career back in the 60s, when she was a newcomer to Spain at the time and formed an unpretentious band, but one of her first songs, ‘Shut up girl’, became a success that catapulted her to fame.

Much has rained since then, but many of the singer’s songs remain the soundtrack to the lives of millions of people. ‘Why are you leaving’ or ‘I am a rebel’ have crossed generations and they keep alive the spirit of an artist who, at the age of 70, can boast of continuing to fill the main concert halls.

Born in the United Kingdom and with Belgian and Spanish roots, her family decided to move to the United States when she was very young. But when Jeanette had already entered adolescence, her parents separated and her mother returned to Spain with her. The divorce was a hard blow for the singer, but at that time she was not aware that from that pothole she would get the great opportunity that made her the star she is today.

“I cried a lot. It was very traumatic for me. But look at what fate is like: if it hadn’t been for all this, maybe I wouldn’t be a singer because my mother wouldn’t have come to Spain”, she reflects during an interview with ‘Vanitatis’.

Although at first it was difficult for him to get to Spain and its customs, the multicultural and cosmopolitan environment in which her family raised her helped her fall in love little by little with a country that today already considers her home, although Brexit has complicated things.

“When I enter Barajas now, they form two lines. Those of the EU passport, on one side, the others on the other row. Make me feel foreign in a country that I feel like mine.” Jeanette laments in the same interview.

Throughout all these years of career, her husband has always been by her side, the same man she married when she was only 18 years old. For Jeanette it has not been difficult to endure so much time with her partner, to whom she only dedicates good words:

“With a man like that, everything is very easy. I admit that I have been very lucky because I have found a gold mine with him. A very good man fell into my hands. He is a very easygoing person. He is a good husband, a good father and a good everything.”

Jeanette will celebrate her birthday on stage. She acknowledges in the interview that the key to success over such a long time is “perseverance” and the desire to continue singing “as long as the body holds”. Just arrived from acting in Mexico, she heads to Seville to continue delighting dozens of people with her talent.

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