Her divorce is troubling singer and presenter Isabel Varell – mentally and financially. In an interview with GLM, she is confident about the year 2023.

Singer, author, presenter, actress: Isabel Varell (61) is busy. When GLM speaks to her, she laughs like a young girl – pure joie de vivre! “I have learned to make decisions for myself and not to see myself as a victim of my early imprint as a child of divorce,” she says to GLM. Nevertheless, there were downsides in her life: she was married to the musician Drafi Deutscher († 60) until 1991. He was heavily in debt at the time – which plunged Isabel Varell into a life crisis during the divorce…

Isabel Varell: “Drafi’s divorce was very expensive”

GLM: Can you just lie quietly on the couch?

Isabel Varell: ” It’s difficult, I’m still learning. I’m just grateful to have so many opportunities. But as I get older, I’m able to rest better and better – even if only for a short time. I used to be driven by fears about whether my job would get me through life carries. Today I can take the pressure off.

What were those fears?

“Fear of existence. I was always driven by being independent from my family, from men. I’ve learned to make decisions for myself and not see myself as a victim of my early imprint as a child of divorce.”

Have you ever faced bankruptcy?

” No. But the divorce from Drafi was very expensive. My money was gone afterwards. I bled through the divorce. This phase in my life scared me.”

Isabel Varell: “Pit and I have a wonderful connection”

What does a man have to have to fascinate you?

A broad interest in people. If there’s even a hint of xenophobia, I can’t get along with him. This not only applies to men, but also to new friends. Humor, generosity and generosity are also important to me.

You seem to have found all of that in your husband Pit. They have been married for seven years. Was the last one a heck of a year?

No not at all. Pit and I have a wonderful bond. We live in separate apartments because we lead very different lives. I am a very noisy person and have to get up at 4.48am for breakfast TV. Pit has to keep everything very quiet when recording his music broadcasts. It’s difficult to put together. We manage it with a lot of tolerance and understanding for the other. But we didn’t notice a darn year.

Isabel Varell: “You’ve discarded all the games”

Is late love better?

I don’t want to say that in general. What is definitely the advantage: You have discarded all the games and are more authentic because you know what you want. That makes things easier. On the other hand, the demands are increasing in terms of intellectual exchange.

How are you starting the year 2023?

It’s going to be a turbulent year! On January 1st “Cruise into Happiness” will be on the air with me, from January 2nd I will be on the air with “Live nach Neun”. To find balance, I go to Sri Lanka for an Ayurveda treatment every few years. My long-awaited vacation after the pandemic!

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