The simple fact of thinking that she can be imprisoned cancels the senses of Isabel Pantoja, the nerves sharpen a bad mood and fear grips her within the four walls of her estate.

Next week, March 22, is set a court date in which the singer will have to testify for an alleged crime of insolvency punishable through one of her companies, Panriver 56 SL, in a matter related to the sale of her property ‘Mi gitana’ in 2015. The prosecutor requests a sentence of three years from prison

A source close to the tonadillera confirms what the journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez told a few days ago on the program ‘Viva la vida’. Isabel trembles at the possibility of reliving a past she doesn’t usually talk about or her closest relatives.

Depression takes its toll in her emotional state, she doesn’t feel like doing anything, she has locked herself in ‘Cantora’ and doesn’t answer the phone. Because, although she has given as an excuse that she does not have a cell phone and therefore could not congratulate her grandson Albertito on his birthday, the reality, they tell us, is very different.

She didn’t congratulate him because she doesn’t feel like talking to anyone, her nerves push her into silence, and she doesn’t even call her friends, they receive words of affection from their media owner.

Now, her greatest interest is that her lawyers manage to postpone the court date, alleging poor “mental” health of their client. What is not understood is that she rejects the support of people who want to help her, even if only morally, because no one trusts them to lend her money anymore, given how badly she pays.

Ask poor Loli, the newsstand to whom she has owed more than seventy thousand euros for years.

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