With ‘Secret Story: the house of secrets’ about to come to an end and with audience ratings that have not met expectations of the chain, Telecinco has already started up the machinery to prepare its other great reality show: ‘Survivors’.

The casting of this wild program is one of its highlights, and the names of some celebrities who would embark on the Caribbean adventure have already begun to sound. Kiko Matamoros has been one of those pointed out by the rumors, but the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ has just denied his participation.

My participation in ‘Survivors’ is a dream to fulfill, in no case an unbearable nightmare”, Kiko Matamoros commented on his social networks.

The socialite would not participate in ‘Survivors’ “not even crazy”, as he himself has just confirmed. He prefers to enjoy natural paradises accompanied by his partner, Marta López, and with all kinds of luxuries and comforts at his fingertips.

In fact, he and the model often enjoy romantic trips to remote and exotic places like Tanzania, Colombia or Mexico. The ‘Sálvame’ collaborator feels like a fish in water in these idyllic settings, but always with the ‘all included’ bracelet!

The name of Kiko Matamoros has not been the only one that these weeks has sounded like a possible participant in the new edition of ‘Survivors’. Recently Agustín Pantoja was also pointed out as a potential signing, and the magazine ‘Lecturas’ assured that he was already in negotiations with the show’s producer.

Apparently, the singer’s brother would have received “a generous offer”, but taking into account the secrecy that surrounds the family lately, it seems complicated that he finally accepts the offer.

On the other hand, the generous income that could be received would not hurt the battered family economy. It’s no secret that debts drown Isabel Pantoja and considering how united they are, Agustín could allocate part of his profits in ‘Survivors’ to help his beloved sister.

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