Cristina Porta and Luca Onestini break up their relationship

Cristina Porta and Luca Onestini break up their relationship

A few weeks ago we saw Cristina Porta and Luca Onestini in the ‘Secret Story’ debate and their attitude set off all the alarms about a possible sentimental crisis, since they didn’t even look at each other on set.

Minutes later, the former reality show contestant claimed that she had had an argument with her partner and that they were not at their best, which ended up confirming what many thought.

Feeding these crisis rumors, this Saturday Luca went with his brother Gianmarco to the theater, but no sign of Cristina Porta. Although it was the protagonist himself who was in charge of settling the rumors of this alleged crisis, assuring that he was “very happy” with the presenter and that he even considered staying to live in Madrid for love.

But just three days later, the same former ‘Secret Story’ contestant has announced his breakup through his social networks with a forceful message addressed to Cristina herself, who has managed to dislodge her followers:

“If my presence bothers me, I prefer to remove the inconvenience. I am in the hotel since yesterday, NOT BY MY DECISION. To be clear”.

“I have to put up with not even being answered on my mobile. And if she does it, it’s just to tell me not to come home when it was what I wanted most. She doesn’t have time to answer me but to write a tweet saying that she feels lonely if she has time,” continues Onestini’s message.

This hurts me a lot and I don’t deserve it.

“Enough of the lies. Yesterday we talked and we have decided that it cannot continue like this. Let each one go their own way and what we do separately”, announces the Italian.

A breakup that catches the couple’s followers by surprise and of which, for the moment, Cristina Porta has not wanted to pronounce.

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