The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, went yesterday for the first time to “El Hormiguero”, the program hosted by Pablo Motos in Atresmedia. The politics of the Popular Party spoke of the main current issues as well as its most personal facet.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who shared her stress with her followers on Instagram before entering the program, received a warm welcome shouting “President!” Before beginning the interview, the president of the Community of Madrid stated that she is a sensitive person.

“I’m very crying, let’s see if we’re going to start with the easy tear,” she declared with a smile. In addition, she has confessed that she is in a great moment. “I am living a precious moment in my life”, she has confessed proud of the affection she receives every day on the street.

This happens in all political parties when the time of the congresses arrives. I think the best thing is to think about how we got out of this, because we are the party of the alternative. We have a team, very good programs and I want to bring the illusion to all corners of the Community”, she stated.

Regarding her relationship with Mayor Martínez Almeida, Díaz Ayuso has indicated that “we have a lot of chemistry. You will not find a statement that we have not relied on. We are a very good tandem and we have both given our lives for Madrid”.

“What we have talked about is stick together no matter what. Almost everything that is read in the press has not been said by either of us, so I ask that people listen to what we say in the videos. I am very clear that my life is the Community of Madrid, my political career begins and ends here, in Madrid. My management, what we are doing, lowering taxes, giving common sense to politics, is what interests me”, she pointed out.

Regarding President Pedro Sánchez, the regional president stressed that she sees him “very sure of himself, delighted to see himself, and then you know that he is looking at you and lying to you. I’m not especially happy with him because as of the closing of the schools, a furious relationship with a higher administration was unleashed. When a president allows the presidents of communities to stick together, it cannot be good. I don’t like conflict, but I cannot put aside injustices to fall better”.

Regarding her personal facet, Díaz Ayuso has confessed that she already knew the Trancas and Barrancas ants. since Juan and Damián, who are the ones who give life to the ants, and the president of the Community of Madrid were colleagues in the Faculty of Information Sciences.

In addition, she has had no qualms about admitting that she has ever smoked a laughing cigarette. “I tried it during high school, but it was so clear to me that it was a problem that I never smoked a laughing cigarette again. I am concerned that this is now being talked about in a frivolous way.”

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