The host Isabel Gemio hinted a few days ago that the Venezuelan model, Fabiola Martinez, and ex of Bertin Osborne was in love, causing a great media stir. Everything happened hours after they attributed a courtship to the singer with the Sevillian Chábeli Navarro. Rumor that she soon denied in HELLO!

Last week, Fabiola Martínez agreed to be interviewed by Isabel Gemio on her YouTube channel. That meeting caused a misunderstanding when a journalist from El Mundo asked the presenter about this interview.

“Isabel Gemio, about Fabiola, Bertín’s ex ‘I think she’s still in love, she’s gorgeous'”, was the headline that came off that the Venezuelan model did not take long to contact Isabel Gemio, via WhatsApp, and share the conversation on networks to deny such news.

Is this the headline of the entire interview? Something that is not true and that I have not even said? I’m sorry, Isabel, but I have to deny this headline, I can not allow blatant lies just to get visibility,” wrote an offended Fabiola.

Isabel Gemio apologized and tried to justify herself, to no avail. Gemio assured that she had seen her beautiful “like when she is in love”, which is not exactly the same as what was published.

The Venezuelan even disseminated images of the conversation on WhatsApp that she had with Gemio.

Is anything good for selling news? What is your opinion? By the way, the text in the green WhatsApp is written by me. Read it well so that it can be understood better. Ah! And I do this because I’m obviously not in love.”

Since her separation from Bertín Osborne, Fabiola lives in the center of Madrid with her children Kike and Carlos, the model has been especially upset with the headlines that have been given about her private life because she ensures that her son is very aware of what What is said about her:

“What people do not understand, which is what I am going for, I am not referring to the media only, in general, to those who think about this issue, it is that behind those things that are write there are people who do not know how it affects them. I have to explain to my children what may be happening, Carlos already has an age to see, listen and ask me. Why do I have to have my family in a situation of uncertainty, fear, worry, of having to give explanations at home”.

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