Although she admits that for her, the DJ is the reference of the father who has not had

A week ago, the program “Sálvame” issued some audios recorded last August in which Isa Pantoja, very nervous for having argued with Asraf, asked her brother Kiko to go home to pick it up.

Some audios leaked allegedly by the son of Isabel Pantoja to publicly demonstrate that, contrary to what many think, he is aware of his sister and has always been willing to help her.

Isa considers this leak a full-blown betrayal, from whom she is further away than ever but who confesses that it is “temporary.” “I know that my brother is going through a bad time now, but he is my brother and for me he is a reference. He is the father that I have never had”, Isa Pi assured in images broadcast in “The Ana Rosa Program.”

Such is the anger of the collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ that she would be willing to sue her brother, further increasing the gap that exists in the media clan, at its worst and with Kiko facing her sister, her cousin Anabel, her uncle Agustín and even her mother, Isabel Pantoja, with whom reconciliation seems, for the moment, far from taking place.

“I have not yet been able to speak with my lawyer because he is in Madrid, but this week I hope to meet with him”, assures Isa.

In addition, the daughter of the tonadillera has been very happy about the possibility that her mother moves to live in Madrid, since that would facilitate family reconciliation.

Despite the controversy in which she has been involved, Isa confesses that she is “Good and quiet”, and admits that it is her fiancé who is having the worst emotionally because of everything that is being said about their relationship: “Asraf right now is bad, but calm because we know what there is and can not do much,” she adds.

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