Isa Pantoja breaks her silence after her biological mother's reappearance on television

Isa Pantoja breaks her silence after her biological mother’s reappearance on television

Isa Pantoja has once again become the protagonist of the pink chronicle for a great reason that has nothing to do with the family quarrels that she has with her brother Kiko Rivera: the public reappearance of her biological mother, Roxana Luque, confessing that she does not lose hope of reconciling with her.

After years away from the media spotlight, the Peruvian has returned with some statements on a YouTube channel in her country talking about her harsh childhood and announcing that she wants to become a congressman to help families with financial problems to get ahead, as happened to her to her.

In addition, and how could it be otherwise, Roxana has spoken about her daughter, confessing that what she wants most is to meet her again: “What I want most in the world you can imagine, I hope it can happen one day”.

Nor lose hope. I just hope a little more time passes. It no longer depends on me, it depends on God and some people, well, one person in particular. I can not talk any more. But I don’t lose hope, I keep thinking about it every day”, she acknowledged excitedly.

An emotional message addressed directly to Isa about which Isabel Pantoja’s daughter makes it clear to Europa Press that “I have nothing to say.”

And it is that, despite her refusal to talk about Roxana Luque’s statements, it seems that it is not in her plans, for the moment, to reunite with her biological mother, a painful subject on which she has never spoken publicly.

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