The deep adoration of David Flores for Olga Moreno and their true relationship beyond consanguinity

The deep adoration of David Flores for Olga Moreno and their true relationship beyond consanguinity

Fvorce from Olga Moreno and Anthony David Flores is just around the corner. Sooner than later, both will sign the papers that will mark a before and after in their life together.

Despite the fact that the marriage still remains united in the face of public opinion for the good of their respective children, there are many questions about what will happen to the little girl Lola, daughter in common of both, and with David Flores Carrasco.

‘La Razón’ already published a few weeks ago that the son of Antonio David and Rocio Carrasco wants to stay and live together with Olga. Although he loves his father, the deep weakness he feels for the businesswoman is something that is well known in the family.

For him, Olga is the female reference and also the woman who has been by his side in the good times and especially in the bad times.

They go out of their way for each other and she has always tried to protect him from anything that could hurt him. They share a routine, and ultimately, a life in which love prevails over everything else.

For Olga’s sisters, David Flores is like their nephew, and for the parents of these, one more grandson. David loves going to Seville to meet the family of his father’s wife and does not hesitate to attend all the celebrations that bring together the Moreno-Obreros, who do not understand why the relationship is judged so special that unites the young man with the winner of ‘Survivors 2021′, like the one that he keeps with Rocio Flores.

A reality for which all parties should be grateful, especially when everything is done of their own free will and without any kind of imposition, since he is her husband’s son and not hers.

But not everything in life is consanguinity, and in the case of Olga and young David, there is a bond so strong that nothing and no one can change because it is forever.

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