In small ribbons, Aracely Arambula shines for her followers

In small ribbons, Aracely Arambula shines for her followers

In small ribbons and with little fabric! This is how the spectacular actress Aracely Arambula shone for her followers on social networks. The beautiful Chule decided that the best way to show off her impressive anatomy was with very little.

The star who began her career on Televisa decided to wear a more than a little swimsuit for a relaxing sunny day that consisted of fabric in different colors on the front and some small ribbons on the back.

With all the sense of humor that characterizes her and her flirtatiousness, Aracely Arambula shared her look in her Instagram stories, which she complemented with some woven earrings, a hat to protect her beautiful face from the sun, and very natural makeup.

Apparently it was Aracely Arambula Jacques herself who recorded the images, as they can be seen as if she had left her mobile recording from a specific position where she approached, moved away and more.

Aracely Arambula
Aracely Arambula shines for her followers in small ribbons.

Luis Miguel’s ex modeled in front of the camera and also performed some dance movements of which her followers surely did not lose any track, the beauty of the actress left no doubt.

The attire of Aracely Arambula made it clear that she is the bearer of a spectacular figure, prominent curves, a small waist and beautiful legs and what to say about her beautiful face and mesmerizing clear eyes.

Internet users were so captivated by these images that they took them up to share them on fan accounts on Instagram where they can admire Aracely again and again at this special moment.

The star is considered one of the most beautiful women in show business, and even one of the best preserved, because despite the passing of the years she still looks like a true young lady.

Many wonder what the secret of this stunning woman will be to remain so beautiful and carry out her tasks as a single mother, worker, star and many more; so she is considered an example to follow.

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