Once again, the Spanish singer shares another success through her official Instagram account, “I’d love to” is the new melody with Abraham Mateo and where Belinda shows a radical change.

After taking off her career after returning to her native country, the Madrid-born released songs like “Colorblind“, which was part of the Netflix series in which she participated, “The 12”, a collaboration with Ana Mena and “We are not so crazy” with the Lerica group and finally, “If you call me”, with Omar Montes for the soundtrack of an animated film.

It was 14 hours ago when Belinda released the premiere of the video clip for “I would love to”, which already sounds strong on music platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, the blonde shared with her more than 15 million subscribers from her Instagram account.

In addition to surprising her followers with the new musical proposal, the also child actress of remembered stories like “Friends forever“(2000),” Adventures in time “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002), among others, also left her fans speechless by reappearing without her long hair simulating the image of a mannequin and a risky body.

An extravagant outfit full of color with which Belinda Peregrín Schüll also showed off her spectacular figure with a full suit accompanied by a matching ensemble which she wore open, exposing her legs.

Dressed in a choker that matched the colors of the outfit, the “composer” also opted for a pair of nude-colored platforms, among other details that highlighted her new look

Finally, last Thursday, October 20, the interpreter of “Africa” ​​in “welcome to eden” launched the new single where her image with very futuristic touches left her fans completely surprised, and they assured her that she looked like a mannequin, robot or doll, although they did not miss the opportunity to highlight that she still looked very beautiful.

Shortly before, an image of the “Christian Nodal“, would have caused a stir after tagging Abraham Mateo in an image, in which she replied: “I would love to tell the world what we did this summer in Madrid.”

It should be remembered that the famous 33-year-old, with just over 22 years of experience in the artistic world, who has appeared in the cinema with some films such as “Cheetah Girls” and brief appearances in “Baywatch”, among other projects, showed happy.

She finally fulfilled one of her dreams by recording such a video, she said. “Would you fall in love with a mannequin?” asks Peregrín Schüll at the end of one of her recent publications.

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