Hugo García confirms that he is single and denies romance with Luana Barrón: “they are inventing things”

Hugo García confirms that he is single and denies romance with Luana Barrón: “they are inventing things”

Hugo Garcia has been in the media spotlight since his more than five-year relationship with Mafer Neyra ended. After being single for a short time, he began a new romance with Alexandra Balarezo but a couple of weeks ago they announced their separation.

That is why, recently, some images were released in which the athlete is seen very close to Luana Barrón during a meeting of friends, starting rumors about a possible relationship.

The chambers of América Espectáculos approached the member of Esto es guerra to ask him about the influencer. The warrior clarified that he only feels great appreciation for her.

“It was a short event. We were a group of friends. People will speculate, but there is nothing. I’ve known her since she’s on EEG Teens. The other day Luana, Diego (Rodríguez) and I went to eat. They are inventing things where there are none. If they see me speaking in my ear it is because I am in a place with high volume.

He also took the opportunity to explain why he silenced the Instagram story where the businesswoman told him something. Fact that further increased the signs of a love affair.

“He didn’t say anything about us, but something about someone and that’s why I silenced the story. With Luana there is nothing more than a great friendship, I appreciate her a lot. We always go out with a group of friends, everything is super good.” He said before leaving the América TV facilities.


On November 16, the program En Boca de Todos presented a report with reference to the ampay between Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi. In the images, the reporter could be seen interviewing Hugo García, who was with the captain of the warriors in the dressing rooms of the set.

The journalist took advantage of the moment to question the athlete about the recent images that linked him with the influencer Luana Barrón. “Around there they were saying that you were in a marriage with Luana, they are wanting to link you”, said the communicator, to which the warrior expressed: “Nothing, zero.”

He also asked him again about his single status and the model confirmed that he was far from forming a new relationship. “100% (single) Why do you think I continue to lead the coveted bachelor? I’m single”, he concluded.


After seeing the video where her ex-partner was very close to the model, Alexandra Balarezo did not hesitate to comment that he was single and could do whatever he wanted.

“It is already their issue. Hugo is single and can do what he wants. I have not seen anything. Each one manages their codes”, previously expressed the Chambers of Love and Fire.

“All this has affected me a lot, I know that in the end everything has to be accepted. According to me we were friends, but her life is the same and she can do what she wants with it” she added.

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