Christian Nodal gave details of the beginning of his relationship with Belinda:

Christian Nodal gave details of the beginning of his relationship with Belinda: “It pushes me to do things that I didn’t even imagine”

Amid rumors about his trouble with a record label, Christian Nodal gave an interview in which he revealed details of his first meeting with Belinda, how he fell in love, and revealed that he would like to get married the following year.

The Mexican composer and singer confessed that it was during a television program that he began to feel “butterflies” for Belinda. However, the singer did not specify what reality it was about, it is believed that it was during “La Voz México”, a space where both worked as a coach.

“Well, we were together on a television show and it hit me, whenever I looked at her it gave me stage fright, you know, like when I got on stage the first time and I wanted to hide behind everyone and it couldn’t be me in front of her and it had never happened to me with a woman, because she imposes too much”, commented the singer with a laugh in a recent interview with “El Gordo y La Flaca.”

“So until the end of the show we went to rehearse at my house and I said: ‘It’s now or never’ and I told her: ‘You’re not going to leave without me stealing a kiss’ she said: ‘No, no’ and me: ‘Yes, yes’, and from there it has been super nice, super romantic, I wrote a song for her and I sang it for her that same night”, asserted the singer.

When asked about how long he had liked Belinda, Nodal revealed that he knew about her from the soap operas she starred in in her childhood.

“Yes, when I watched soap operas, since I was 5 years old, I really liked the soap operas that he made, but I lost my mark for a long time and I said: ‘Ah Belinda is a very beautiful woman’, but I didn’t have her in the radar”, he said.

Christian Nodal revealed that the first kiss he stole from her was the beginning of their entire love story.

“I realized from the first kiss, I said ‘I’m from here’ because I found a person who complements me in many ways and we understand each other in many things that I know are difficult to fit into various things in life such as good and bad.”

The singer revealed that Belinda pushes him out of his comfort zone. “I discover many things about myself that I did not know. It pushes me to do things that I did not imagine”, he limited.

In addition, he mentioned that they think about getting married and starting a family: “Sure, she wants three, I want four. The spiritual wedding is like this for next year and we hope this year to be able to get married well”, continued the Mexican regional interpreter.

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