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How Much Would Luis Miguel Have Earned for His Series

The Mexican singer recovered from an economic crisis thanks to television production and increased his fortune considerably with each of the seasons.

With the premiere of the third season, Luis Miguel’s series on Netflix ended, thus ending one of the productions with the greatest Mexican success for a North American company, who would have invested a large amount of money to have the story from El Sol on its platform.

With the plot revolving around his relationship with his family released in 2018, The Interpreter opened up a large part of his personal life to the public, something he was not used to, as one of its main features was any private The aspect was around her secrecy.

Because he rarely talked about it, the expectation generated by his own approved bio-series was total, with several million dollars in his pocket in exchange for exclusivity and production.

According to Forbes magazine, the Mexican singer would have received $5 million just for presenting his biography on the small screen and authorizing only the first season, which premiered in 2018.

Carlos Bremer, billionaire and one of the sharks in Shark Tank, was the one who revealed the figure, as it was one of the pillars for production, as part of a strategy for Luimi from an economic resurgence. The problem it was going through and which included the biographical series.

At the time, Grupo Value’s president assured that Luis Miguel could even demand more money, ensuring that if he were the hero, he would receive no less than $10 million.

In the event that negotiations for the second and third seasons were carried out under the same economic line, Sol de México entered into at least US$15 million over three years, with the possibility of an improvement in the agreement after media influence. Will happen. Which was the first season.

This amount is for rights only; However, one of the indirect benefits of the production was its musical relaunch, as in addition to resuming tours in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, its songs were once again the most listened to on digital platforms.

According to the medium above, the very viral song “Guilty or No” increased its reproduction by four thousand percent during the first and second seasons, while the musical repertoire would have increased by 200 percent since the series premiere, Something that would have made a strong impact on Luis Miguel’s label through their respective incomes.

According to the magazine Who, the Monterey magnate must have considered a few years earlier that he was an important part of the new plan that Luis Miguel had implemented to recover his finances, as he had a hard time amid failed collaborations and canceled concerts. There were significant debts.

“I had to plan to figure out how to revive this great statue of Mexico. I also offered finance, but it was not necessary with what was planned,” he said in 2019, already Along with Luismi’s series on the streaming platform, Gato Grande Productions is one of the major projects through the creation of the production company in 2016.

After the conclusion of the third season, Netflix would not continue with the series, after revealing enough about his biography, so the benefit of the concept would have ended for Luis Miguel, barring a surprise within a few years.

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