The actress Hiba Abouk (35) has lived one of the most stressful moments of her life. Pregnant with her second child, the wife of Achraf Hakimi, player of Paris Saint-Germain, was scheduled to be present this Saturday at the delivery of the popular Forqué Awards in Madrid.

A commitment that you should almost cancel after suffer a traumatic experience in what should have been a placid trip to the capital of Spain from the French, where she resides with her partner.

“I was on my way to Madrid (from Paris) to go to the Forqué awards gala tonight, and other professional commitments that I have at the beginning of next week. Once we were seated on the plane, and when it was time for takeoff, they told us that due to technical problems we would take off later. An hour later, Air France flight AF1600 takes off and everything seems to be proceeding normally. But at the time they announce that it is imminent that they make a emergency landing at the Bordeaux airport”, the actress begins in an extensive Instagram post.

“They announced it suddenly while we were flying, without giving a single explanation and suddenly the plane began to descend violently. The only thing the flight attendants told us was that we read the emergency instructions found in the seat pocket, and that if the plane had to be evacuated, we should do so without personal effects. At that moment I could only think about my family and that there was a possibility of never seeing them again. The idea of ​​never seeing Amin -his son- again became unbearable. I think it was the worst 5 minutes of my life.”Abouk adds.

Drama in Bordeaux

Fortunately, the plane has landed in Bordeaux, but the experience is far from ideal, as Achraf’s wife continues to explain.

“We finally landed, violently too, and they ask us to please not move until the firefighters arrive and evacuate us. After a while we were all evacuated by the firefighters and they put us in a terminal, too small for all of us who went. With hardly any seats, no right to go out for the air, no cafeteria of course. Not to mention that I was pregnant (and having paid for a place in business) they did not offer me a glass of water at any time during the flight, nor during the hour we were sitting waiting for take off, or anything”, she shares.

“The first thing I did as soon as I stepped on the terminal was go to the bathroom, close the door and cry to somehow release all fear and tension that I had in the body. A body that right now has two hearts and that needs to be cared for more than ever. After talking with my husband to vent and my representative to prevent that perhaps I could not attend the gala, he waits for Me. A wait of more than an hour in which nobody told us anything. Everything was absolute uncertainty. Entire families, with very young children lying on the ground. A truly bleak outlook”, Laments the actress.

“After a while,” she continues, “they tell us that indeed that plane cannot travel again and that we would have to wait for a next flight to come from Paris to take us to Madrid. They estimated that the wait could be extended by about 4 hours, but they could not confirm anything. Voices, complaints (all very reasonable obviously), a disaster. I had the feeling that we were really kidnapped. Very unpleasant everything”, she points out indignantly.

It has been able to arrive “safe and sound”

Abouk, who in the midst of the chaos has managed to articulate a “plan B”, not without complications, confirmed that he had finally been able to reach Madrid.

“I have just landed in Madrid, safe and sound and I am running without even going home to fulfill my professional commitment. Although what I really wanted the most was to go back to Paris to give my son and my husband an infinite hug”, she indicates.

“I tell all this, not only to denounce the terrible service of Air France, but also to tell all my followers, that just before the accident landing I thought of you. How fortunate I am to dedicate myself to a profession that I am passionate about and have followers that support me every day. Just like I love my family, I love you, I really do. And I will be eternally grateful for your unconditionality. Enjoy every minute, try to see the positive side of everything (that there is), and above all love, a lot, without measure and express it. Now I have told you and I repeat it: I love you”, Hiba Abouk says goodbye.

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