Andrés Hurtado puts Denisse Dibós in trouble and makes her lead the program alone

Andrés Hurtado puts Denisse Dibós in trouble and makes her lead the program alone

Andres Hurtado presented his reality show on December 11 ‘The Great Dancing with Andrés’, the only edition of Because today is Saturday with Andrés in order to help a social cause. The program had as guests Roberto Martinez, Cielo Torres, Paula Arias, Dorita Orbegoso, Cuto Guadalupe and Rosángela Espinoza, who had fun with their presentation.

As a jury they were Denisse Dibós, Carlos Cacho and Belén Estévez. Everything was going normally, when Andrés Hurtado indicated to the theatrical producer that he saw her as a figure on Panamericana TV in 2022. He also highlighted her career, paying her a tribute with an emotional report. What she never expected is that Andrés would invite her on stage and suddenly ask her to host the show together.

Already in the middle of the set, a nervous Denisse said: “Oh my gosh, I don’t want to be a driver.” But Andrés continued, he made her leave the scene and ask to be introduced as if the program had just started.

When the voiceover introduced them, both figures came on stage, Denisse greeted the audience, turned around and greeted the jury. Seeing this, Andrés Hurtado chose to sit next to Carlos Cacho and Belén Estévez for the actress to present the program alone.

Seeing this, Dibós continued driving and knew how to handle the situation. He even presented Dorita Orbegoso and gave way to a video about the exvedette’s rehearsals.

After completing the report, Denisse Dibós returned to her position as a jury with Carlos Cacho and Belén Estévez, to see Dorita’s dance and give her opinion on her performance.


After her unexpected departure from Esto es Guerra, Rosángela Espinoza reappeared on Peruvian television, but this time in a dance reality show and to support a social case.

During the last edition of Because today is Saturday with Andrés, the program premiered its own dance contest, which was called El Gran Bailando, in homage to one of the emblematic reality shows of Gisela Valcárcel.

One by one different artists entered the dance floor, however, Andres Hurtado and all his team kept under seven keys the income of Rosángela Espinoza, who was involved in a controversy with EEG.

Likewise, the popular ‘Chibolín’ thanked the ‘Selfie Girl’ for accepting the invitation to participate, as it was a very special day because her presence would help a little girl to be transferred to Spain to undergo surgery.

As it was expected, Rosángela Espinoza performed an excellent bachata choreography, one of the strongest dances she has. Also, the exchica reality invited the driver to dance together.

After finishing her presentation, the jury praised her dance and gave her the highest score of the night, so it was coming that she would be the big winner of the night.

Finally, seconds before the end of the program, Andrés Hurtado opened the envelope with the winner’s name and mentioned Rosángela Espinoza, who was crowned champion of the first edition of The Great Dancing.

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