Gloria Camila is sincere: “I wouldn’t mind sitting down and talking with my sister Rocío Carrasco”

Gloria Camila is sincere: “I wouldn’t mind sitting down and talking with my sister Rocío Carrasco”

Gloria Camila, the daughter of Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano, she does not like conflicts, but when sconsiders that there is an issue she has to defend, she does it.

As a result of the preparation of the series in which her sister Rocío Carrasco is immersed, where they are announced some diaries, reflections or thoughts that the late artist wrote, the young woman wanted to know its content.

Although for a few years she tried a rapprochement with Carrasco, it was not possible. Since there has been no fraternal relationship for years, Gloria filed a lawsuit to know those writings. Her presence was not required for this legal procedure and hence she was not present.

This weekend the International Purebred Spanish Horse Show (SICAB) was held in Seville, where Gloria Camila had her meeting with the press. The Ortega Cano’s daughter had no problems answering all the questions, except those that at this time are related to a judicial process.

The last time she came to SICAB she did it with her boyfriend. Are they still together?

Yes, we are still together. What happens is that I realized that it was best to differentiate my private from the public. At the time I did not. So now I wanted to keep my privacy. Each one has his house and we live together. We are not stuck 24 hours a day. He is a teacher and has his independence. What I do ask is that, to practice, speak to me in English.

Do you intend to get married?

Right now I am not thinking about it. This does not mean that I am not excited, but everything in its own time. I have always said that I would like to get married, but I think that at the moment I have to live many things before I get married and have children.

He has always had a public profile. With his previous relationship it got out of hand. Now you want to have your private plot?

It is a lesson that I have learned over time, and more as a result of my previous relationship. Knowing everything about you is not good.

That intimacy that she claims is the same that she claims for her mother …

I defend the intimate and private, it is what I am doing or I intend to do if tomorrow something comes out of my mother that I believe violates her privacy and privacy. I think that if she did not do it in life, no one has to do it now publicly or for financial gain.

Did you know that he wrote?

No, I had no idea. It was as a result of the publicity that they have given when I found out. And I wanted to know more. Since it is going to be known and made public, I would like to know what my mother wrote.

Did you file the lawsuit under pressure from your father?

I promise you, no. It wasn’t because of him. And if so, what happens? Why do you have to judge? I have simply done it as a daughter. I have that right to know before my mother’s private writings are made public. She is not there, and therefore I am the one who wants to maintain her privacy.

It is as if there are first and second grade children. Do you feel undervalued?

Yes. I think that in the end the children are all the same even if you are not of blood. The affection does not matter. I already said the other day that we are three children, and although now my brother José Fernando cannot, I can. I feel that I have every right to fight, regardless of adoption. I feel like my mother has loved us all equally.

Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado with their children Gloria Camila and José Fernando.
Ortega Cano and Rocío Jurado with their children Gloria Camila and José Fernando.

They have called her a liar

Why am I called a liar? I would like right now not to respond to Carlota (Corredera) since when someone is so blinded with a truth that they believe, no matter what you say. I don’t come to convince anyone, less Carlota Corredera. I know what I do, what I say. What they say does not matter to me.

Would you sit down and talk to your sister?

I would have sat a long time ago. I’ve always said it, if tomorrow you want to talk and feel like doing it, I won’t be the one to say no. I’m not looking for anything anymore.

When did you last speak?

I don’t know, I don’t remember because I was very small. I think it was because of my father’s accident. We have always been together. I used to come to my mother’s house with her children, my nephews. From one day to the next I stopped hearing from her. I was a minor and I was the one who didn’t have to ask for explanations. If it was necessary to move token, it would have to have been her. I do not know if he will have reasons, but I assure you I tried. Now I don’t expect anything.

Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila in one of their last photos.
Rocío Carrasco and Gloria Camila in one of their last photos.

They say their family is afraid as far as Carrasco can tell in the second season

We have no fear. I only fear spiders.

How is your father?

Very well. It is given to José Fernando, his child. He wants to live quietly. Let’s see if they will let you. And my brother also goes forward.

Are you marrying Michu?

I know they have broken. I find it a bit difficult to marry someone if they are not together anymore.

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