Altair Jarabo and Frédéric García

Altair Jarabo and Frédéric García: How Old Are the Couple

After celebrating an opulent wedding in a castle located in the city of Paris, France, the actress Altair Jarabo Return to Mexico in the company of her gallant husband. The newlyweds were seen together for the first time on the red carpet at the Alejandro Fernández concert, where they took the opportunity to answer some questions from the Aztec press.

Altair Jarabo and Frédéric García
Altair Jarabo and Frédéric García

Without a doubt, their marriage monopolized covers and generated various comments due to the age difference between the couple. It was even said that it could be a union based on interest, since the young artist’s husband is the French businessman Frédéric García . The truth is that both are very successful and have shown to be deeply in love.

“I am super happy, very in love, very excited, I feel very accompanied. I feel like it all makes sense. I had never come to an event accompanied “, declared the actress of ” Abyss of passion “ to the People medium.


Despite speculation, the spouses live their love happily and do not know what is said around them. For them, the 18 years apart only translate into experience that finally complements their relationship. When questioned by public comment, Altair responded:

“I have not read the truth, but I can tell you that this difference makes me very happy. [Frédéric] is a man with a lot of experience, who amuses me a lot and who treats me like a lady ”.

Likewise, for those who hint that it is an interest-based marriage, the 35-year-old actress said the following:

“Notice that I have one quality: I don’t listen to negative [comments]. And it doesn’t deserve any answer. I’m very happy. I think it’s the only thing worth saying. “


The French businessman is just as in love as his wife and has only words of admiration for her; So without fear, he shared two virtues that define her to the cameras of various programs:

“[I define her] as an excellently talented woman , she has a huge talent, she has a huge heart and she is the woman I love.”

She assured that she will support her unconditionally in everything she sets out to do: “I support her like every husband, knowing that the wife is always right or if not the husband is wrong, so wherever she goes I support her. a film, be it a series in Mexico , be it in the United States , be it in Europe , be it in Colombia , wherever ”.


García is originally from the Toulouse region, in France , and has lived in Mexico for 20 years. He is currently President of the Executive Council of Global Companies and General Director of Airbus Group Mexico , being considered one of the leading businessmen of the Aztec country.

While this is Altair’s first time getting married, her husband already has experience in this field. Fréderic has two children who get along very well with the actress and are happy for their union.

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