The young woman has been very critical of the collaborator of ‘Save me’ after her last statements in the ‘Polideluxe’

The problem with my aunt Carmen has been going on for many years, because she used to say things about me behind my back”, assures Alejandra Rubio, to whom her mediatic aunt, Carmen Borrego, baptized as “the girl of the curve”, in clear reference to the little appreciation she feels for her.

I don’t laugh at my aunt when they call her Potota, I don’t understand why she said those things about me. If you really want this confrontation to end, you can’t go on like this”. Refers to Borrego’s statements in the ‘Polideluxe’ last Saturday, in which she did not leave her sister Terelu’s daughter in a good place.

In the surroundings of the Campos nobody expected Carmen to add fuel to the fire in a family war that seemed to be straightening after the reunion of the daughters of María Teresa Campos at the birthday party of Belén Esteban.

In this sense, the ‘Polideluxe’ of the matriarch’s youngest daughter exacerbates even more if possible the schism that the matriarch would like to fix as soon as possible, because their suffering is continuous.

I wish in vain, for the moment, because Carmen has reopened “the box of thunder.” They say your niece seems like the dullest person in the world, until her nostrils get hot.

Let the sheep get ready for the one that is coming. Because the youngest of the family does not shut up, she has taken a liking to the confrontation with her aunt and there is no one to stop her.

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