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Galilea Montijo reacted to the return of Laura Bozzo

Galilea Montijo spoke about the resolution of the Laura Bozzo case , as the Peruvian reappeared on social networks and assured that she already paid a part of what she owes to avoid being arrested .

And is that Galilea confessed that on several occasions she tried to communicate with Laura but she never took the call , the famous host said during several transmissions of the Hoy program that she was willing to help her friend if she asked.

Therefore, Galilea Montijo could not hide her happiness when she learned that Laura Bozzo’s situation is being solved, she tried to be brief with her statements about it, since she did not delve into the subject.

During the entertainment section of the Hoy program they released the news, so the renowned host mentioned: “There you have Laura, she finally appeared. It is good that you are feeling better and that you can fix your legal situation. She will return to television soon.”

Galilea and Laura have been friends for a while
Galilea and Laura have been friends for a while

However, that was not Montijo’s only reaction, because at the beginning of the program she joked about the issue and asked that they take care of themselves because the famous one was already back. “Let everyone take care of each other, Laura Bozzo returned and clarifies her legal situation,” announced Galilea Montijo with a laugh. While Paul Stanley mentioned funny: “More sandwicher carts.”

Recall that in 2012 both staged a scandal and a controversial discussion, which caused them to not get along for almost 10 years . And it is that in an interview a long time ago, Galilea assured that Laura along with a production group approached where she was because they wanted her to leave the place.

“I was giving an interview and they sent people from their production to run us, it made me sad because in the 20 years that I had been in the company I had never heard that, I did not know that the corridors had owners, ” said Galilea annoyed.

A few months ago they met again in Las estrellas bailan en Hoy and had the opportunity to fix things, the two affirmed that Mexico was in a very difficult time and even the Peruvian revealed that she had several mistakes at that time and things were misunderstood , so they decided to make amends.

The hosts of different programs had a feud for almost 10 years
The hosts of different programs had a feud for almost 10 years

On the other hand, Laura Bozzo paid the precautionary measure that had been imposed on her on August 11. At that time, the FGR ordered preventive detention for the presenter for tax evasion, but Bozzo did not appear at the Santiaguito prison, so on August 18 the FGR requested a red card from Interpol to arrest her in 190 countries .

Given this, Laura’s driver in America preferred to comply with what was demanded and last Monday it became official that the arrest warrant against her was permanently suspended after having paid more than 2 million pesos as a guarantee .

The famous reappeared with sunglasses, with a thin fabric dress and flower print through a video that she published through her official Instagram account, where she assured that she missed her audience and that she will soon give explanations.

“I promise you that I will return to television but with the original program, with Laura in America modernized, with all that is social networks. During these months I have been thinking about all the things that I have to fix, I am not a television star because they distinguish me for the social help that I give, “said Laura.

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