Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía, decided that it was a good idea to get into the lawsuit between Niurka and the graphologist, Maryfer Centeno

Literal Niurka and Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, have already earned the nickname “The Women of Scandal”, since they do not stop being under the spotlight for their outbursts both in front of the cameras and outside of them. And this time, the granddaughter of Doña Silvia Pinal, was not left behind when she got into the fight between Niurka and Maryfer Centeno.
Well, without anyone calling her, she decided that it was a good idea to get into the lawsuit between the Cuban controversy and the graphologist, Maryfer Centeno, who was attacked by Juan Osorio’s ex-partner.

Although a week has passed since they faced each other during a live program, the reactions of fans and celebrities continue on social networks.
For this reason, Frida Sofía chimed in by launching a comment on Instagram, where she defended the specialist and launched herself against the Cuban woman, about whom she called several unpleasant adjectives and even assured that she was “disgusted.”

Frida commented on a video in which Maryfer spoke about what happened in the La Saga program, a medium created by Adela Micha. The daughter of the “Mala hierba” singer not only showed her support for the body language expert, she also revealed what she thinks of the Cuban star.
The graphologist received hundreds of comments from her admirers and different celebrities from her, but the one that stood out the most is that of Frida Sofía, who ranted against the singer and actress.

But this was not out of the blue, because they have already had some differences for a couple of years, because since she had a fight with her mother and moved away from her family after the accusations against her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, the native of Cuba has strongly criticized, so now it was the daughter of the rocker who made strong comments.

“Niurka, little thing the naqui wannabe bruji. That one scares me from the front because she spits instead of screaming. She makes me sick, that drool is devil’s syrup. And how about your breath? I love you, you very well.”


She wrote Frida Sofía about Niurka, with whom she has already had several run-ins because both have made comments in the media and digital platforms.
Meanwhile, the graphologist just said: “I love you, it was horrible”, showing that she has a very good relationship with the member of the Pinal Dynasty.

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