Francisca at 34 years old shows off her figure with a tight jean and a braided hairstyle and moves away from the afro.

The Dominican Francisca in recent weeks has shown how good she feels with her new figure because she has lost a few pounds. For this reason, her best choice for this moment is tight clothes and without afro.

The presenter Francisca constantly seeks to share content on the social network of the little camera, and thus feel much closer to her more than four million followers with whom she has on the platform. Therefore, last Friday was no exception, because she took the opportunity to show off her wardrobe beyond the audience of ‘Despierta América’.

The Dominican continues to play with the appearance of her hair since the moment she cut it in December 2022. However, it has been a few weeks ago when she decided to show it off in a very different way, as it was braided with extensions.

In addition, she wore a pair of jeans with a tight-fitting blue shirt and a fuchsia bra that showed to match the heels of the same color as her bra.

Netizens took a few seconds to weigh in on what they were looking at, with some mentioning that they love seeing her hair like that, while others claimed that it doesn’t make sense that she wanted to change her look.

Other Instagram users explained that after having her son Gennaro her physical appearance has changed for the better, a fact that led them to say that she is a “beautiful” woman.

“So you want to have afro hair and you always walk around with braids, where’s the detail? “, “She looks like she is more her and she doesn’t put so much drama anymore”, “I like your hair better like this”, “Beautiful, the blue makes you look brighter”, “You are very pretty my girl, no matter what you wear”, “How beautiful you are from head to toe”, “You look super beautiful with your hair up”, “Francisca is prettier every day, after her part she has gotten better”, “You were beautiful today”, “Beautiful every day”, “Francisca with body and beauty to spare”, “Very nice that your braids fit you”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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