Manuel Díaz has reappeared with his wife after suffering a slight accident on his return to the ring

Last Friday was a difficult day for Manuel Díaz, ‘El Cordobés’ and also for his family. The bullfighter was nervous about his return to the bullring in the Plaza de Toros de Fuengirola, all after living a difficult stage due to an injury.

The bull rammed Manuel in a spectacular way that ended up causing a break in the satchel. A slight incident that the protagonist knew how to overcome in a matter of seconds to continue with the task. The Malaga bullring melted into an emotional ovation to express their affection to the bullfighter, who ended up taking an ear.

Everything was a scare for the family, and it is worth noting that Virginia Troconis is one of the few female bullfighters who never goes to the plaza. She prefers to be a first-person witness to the event than to wait for a call to tell her that everything has gone according to plan.

Manuel Diaz el Cordobes and his wife Virginia Troconis in Marbella

Manuel Diaz el Cordobes and his wife Virginia Troconis in Marbella

After this little scare, the Venezuelan did not want to separate from her husband, and both have reappeared happily and most summery in Marbella, confirming through these images that last Friday’s incident had no consequences, at least physically talking.

And it should be noted that the right-hander has been away from the arena for a long season due to a complicated hip injury that he has now overcome.

‘El Cordobés’ and Virginia said ‘yes, I want’ in 2004. Since then they have managed to consolidate themselves as one of the most stable marriages in the country.

So much so, that her relationship with the daughter of her husband and Vicky Martín Berrocal, Alba Díaz, is very close, to the point that both have gone to the ring together on more than one occasion to see Manuel Díaz fight.

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