Facebook Cloud Gaming is now accessible via iPhone

Facebook Cloud Gaming is now accessible via iPhone

Facebook Cloud Gaming is now available on iPhone via a web app, like competing services

Video games have evolved enormously in recent years. The technical possibilities are more impressive than ever and the infrastructures ever more powerful and faster. This allows you to play from the cloud in very good conditions. There is no shortage of offers in this segment. Facebook offers its own with Facebook Cloud Gaming.

Facebook Cloud Gaming is now available on iPhone

The problem with video games is that, as technologies advance, the technical requirements are always higher. This means that your computer, even though it was the best it was some time ago, may not be able to run a particular game.

Via a web app, like competing services

In this sense, cloud gaming is perhaps the future. Indeed, the bulk of the calculations are carried out on remote servers, which makes it possible to play from anywhere, on a very inefficient machine. If you have an iPhone, you might be interested to learn that Facebook has just launched its iPhone cloud gaming service.

And it would seem to do this that the Menlo Park firm has opted for the same solution as many competing services, namely through a browser. This is because Apple has put in place fairly strong restrictions for publishers who would like to offer a proper cloud gaming application on its App Store. The easiest way is to get around these restrictions by offering a perfectly functional service via a simple web browser.

Even Facebook agrees on this point, as can be read from statements by Vivek Sharma, vice president of gaming at Facebook:

“As many of you have already pointed out, Apple’s policies for enabling cloud-based video gaming on the App Store doesn’t do much. Apple requires each game to have its own listing on the store, go through reviews and appear in search results, which undermines the very interest of cloud gaming. This means gamers can’t discover new games, play cross-device, or access high-quality games instantly on native iOS apps, even for those who don’t have the latest devices.”

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