Fernanda Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, tests positive for covid-19

Fernanda Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, tests positive for covid-19

Fernanda Castro has not lost her sense of humor and shared, through her Stories, fortunately, she is dealing with the Covid-19 virus very well, since so far she has not presented any symptoms, so she feels calm, as well as the members of the Castro Rivera family who know that she is well.

“Hello! Here to give you a report on the planet I live on, I have Covid, I feel good, I’m fine, I’m bored, so I’m going to be answering questions all day,” the young woman commented in a video on the who clarified that she is at home waiting for the doctor’s green light to travel to Florida.

Angelica traveled to Boston a few weeks ago to accompany her and of course take care of her, after she underwent dental surgery. The music student did not reveal when she was infected, but since she commented that she is hopeful if she can go to Miami to be with her family at Christmas, it is very likely that she is in the last days of quarantine.

“I’m seeing if I do a test before, to see if it comes out negative and if not, we will do a Zoom and play,” she shared. To raise awareness, she also explained how she contracted the disease: “Many people tested positive at university, many friends close to me were infected, right now the infections are super high and the new virus spreads faster”.

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