Last minute on the state of health of 'Camilín', son of Camilo Sesto

Last minute on the state of health of ‘Camilín’, son of Camilo Sesto

Lourdes Ornelas, mother of the protagonist, has granted recent statements that have reassured many.

Less than a month has passed since the news of the hospital admission of Camilo Blanes. The son of Camilo Sesto went urgently to the Puerta del Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda (Madrid) with a serious prognosis after the celebration of his birthday.

A mother whose only wish is for her son to be discharged as soon as possible so that he can rest and recover from the alleged addictions he has had for years. It should be remembered that last week Lourdes starred in a tense moment with the press cameras when they asked her about the issue of her son’s inheritance. An understandable anger in the midst of one of the most complicated moments for both her and Camilo Sesto’s son.

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