More than three million dollars have been the earnings in OnlyFans of Ellie-Jean Coffey, considered one of the best surfers in the world and who has taken advantage of her beauty to show it off to hundreds of her followers on networks

For more than six years, surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey has been standing out from the waves by participating in events from her native Australia to different parts of the world, but now she has become a social media sensation by opening an OnlyFans account and engage in creating explicit adult content.

As an alternative to improve her income, Coffey has broken all expectations with her OnlyFans and in less than three months she has managed to earn more than three million dollars according to the Stab Magazine portal.

And such was the success of the surfer that she managed to position herself among the most important personalities on the platform, which allowed her to quickly rise in earnings thanks to her spicy photos and videos.

Although at some point she decided to enter OnlyFans, she finally made her decision thanks to her sisters who also have profiles on the social network for adults and who told her about the economic benefits of showing her figure.

This also allowed her to grow in her Instagram profile where until several months ago she accumulated more than a million followers but her profile was suspended and she had to start another where today she accumulates more than 30,000 users. .

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