Queen Elizabeth II will not travel to Buckingham Palace in London on September 6, when the change of prime minister takes place, but will receive Boris Johnson and whoever replaces him at Balmoral Castle (Scotland), reported this Wednesday Buckingham palace.

The new leader of the Conservative Party -Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak-, who will become prime minister, will be announced on September 5 and, the following day, the change of powers will take place.

This is the first time that a chief executive must travel to Scotland for this important constitutional event with Queen Elizabeth II, who, according to the British press, has been advised by doctors not to travel for health reasons.

As tradition marks, the outgoing prime minister goes to Buckingham Palace to formalize his resignation, after which Queen Elizabeth II receives the new UK president.

On this occasion, this change of Government coincides with the summer vacations spent by the Head of State in Scotland.

According to historians, the new prime ministers were always received at Buckingham Palace from the reign of Victoria (between 1837 and 1901), with the exception of Herbert Henry Asquith, who in 1908 traveled to the French town of Biarritz to see the king Edward VII and thus assume the leadership of the Government.

The change of conservative leader comes after Johnson resigned last July following the resignation of numerous members of his government in protest at his management and the scandals that plagued his mandate, such as the parties at the official residence of 10 Downing Street during the pandemic.

According to the polls, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, is the favorite of those affiliated with the Conservative Party to take over the “tory” leadership.

The 160,000 members have voted in recent weeks by mail or electronically.

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