Ana Rosa Quintana has reappeared on her Instagram account a week after she announced on her live program that she suffers from breast cancer again.

“Library of Silos two weeks ago: What changes life in an instant” is the legend that the presenter has published along with an image of her with her husband, Juan Muñoz, in Silos.

In the image you can see the marriage when still Anne Rose, as can be seen from her reflection, she was unaware of the news of her illness. The image has caused endless reactions among his followers.

Among them, that of Paula Echevarría who wrote to her: “I’m sure that you will never be at the foot of the canyon again (you are missed) and in the meantime I wish you strength for the journey”.

“Thank you all for your love, I am in debt. I feel very good and very strong”, thanked the journalist.

Live and to the surprise of the guests to her program, Anne Rose reported that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. “Today I want to say goodbye for a season, I hope it is not very long, I have been found breast cancer”.

“Last week it has been rare and very intense, I have left twice before finishing the program, I have been absent on Friday. Normally and except for vacations I have not missed my appointment with you even when the covid lurked around every corner and they confined us at home. I am so grateful to all of you who have brought us here for 17 years that I think I have to share with all of you who have made me so happy these years the most important and hard thing that has happened to me in life,” added Ana Rosa Quintana.

“I started this program when my children were just over a month old and many things have happened, some wonderful, most of them, and also dislikes because this is life. Today I have to say goodbye for a season, I hope it is not very long, they have detected a carcinoma in a breast, fortunately it is located and no metastasis, but it requires an intense treatment that will keep me away from this set and these colleagues, who are also my family,” she continued very excited.

“I am calm, I trust my doctors and I am lucky to have so much love around me. I hope everything has a happy ending. Fortunately, research and medicine have come a long way in breast cancer. I want to remind all women of the importance of not missing a checkup. If I did not have such an exposed and stressful job, I could probably continue to share every morning with you, but you are going to allow me to dedicate myself and my family for once in my life. I know that I am going to be cured and that a difficult path awaits me, as many brave women know. I am going to lead a life as normal as possible and I will continue working behind the cameras and in the production company, this is a bump, a test. You are also part of my family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have given me so far, and I hope you continue to give to my colleagues. They are the lifeblood of this program. See you soon. See you later,” she said goodbye.

Ana Rosa Quintana confessed in 2018 on her program that she had had a tumor eight years ago.

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