The aristocrat has shared images of her mother in the Big Apple

Nov 20 of 2014 is a very important date for all the members of the House of Alba. So while Cayetano Martínez de Irujo yesterday Sunday celebrated a mass in homage to his mother in Seville, the youngest of the Irujo, Eugenia, has decided to remember her from New York, to where she has traveled with her partner, the music producer Narcís Rebollo.

From the city of skyscrapers, the Duchess wanted to share with her followers a series of images of her mother when she visited the Big Apple. Specifically, images of a gala dinner, in 1959, with the father of her six children, Luis Martínez de Irujo.

In them you can see her parents dancing and the Duchess wearing an imperial tiara, the same one that Eugenia wore on her wedding day with Francisco Rivera Ordóñez.

For her part, his daughter Tana, born of her relationship with the right-hander, she did want to accompany her uncle Cayetano in Seville, to a tribute mass which, although none of the brothers attended, great friends of the Duchess did, such as Carmen Tello and Curro Romero.

In addition, the Duke of Arjona was accompanied at all times by his partner Bárbara Mirjan.

Although none of her brothers attended the homily officiated by priest Ignacio Jiménez Sánchez-Dalp, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo revealed ¡Hola! that Fernando, current Duke of Alba, and Eugenia had collaborated financially with “the obituary, the mass and the flowers”.

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