Both for her physical beauty and for the professionalism that has characterized her career as an actress and model, British Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most prominent figures in show business. Both in his posts that he shares on his Instagram account and in his public appearances, his imposing figure seems not to give up despite the passage of the years.

A few hours ago, the actress shared a photo of her through Instagram , in which she does not leave any details to chance. With the imposing sea behind and with her body on the sand,  56-year-old Elizabeth once again captivated fans with her image. It is that as soon as she spread her post, the actress was the target of 150 thousand likes and as many thousands of comments in which the followers did not stop highlighting her beauty.

Elizabeth Hurley Instagram Image

As if to convey the whole beach atmosphere, Hurley showed herself in a simple but very sensual way, with a tan bikini that shows her totally harmonious body and her perfect curves. Sunglasses set the tone for relaxation. “Oh yessss finally sun, sea and sun”, expressed in her text the protagonist of “To the devil with the devil”, among many other productions that she has made in her acting career.

The rise to fame of the model, actress and designer took place several years ago, when in 1994, being Hugh Grant’s girlfriend, she accompanied the actor to the premiere of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, whose premiere was in California.
On that occasion, Elizabeth Hurley looked so radiant and beautiful that she captured the attention of all the international media, wearing an imposing black Versace dress with a deep neckline supported by gold safety pins. From there, her career began a period of achievements that led her to be one of the outstanding stars in the entertainment world of the United States.

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