Carlota Corredera, to Rocío Carrasco for the award for the docuseries:

Carlota Corredera, to Rocío Carrasco for the award for the docuseries: “It is the recognition of your courage”

Yesterday, Carlota Corredera received the Menina 2021 prize awarded by the Madrid Government Delegation for “her commitment in defense of equality and against sexist violence”. However, the presenter pointed out in her speech that there were many people to whom this award belonged.

“It is a shot of energy. Even if I had not received this recognition, my commitment to women, to equality and to victims of gender violence would continue. But used to receiving more clubs than recognitions, I feel strange”, declared the Galician, who recently also collected the Paloma de Plata XXI Award.

“I feel that, beyond the recognition, which has been personalized in me, it is the recognition of the courage of Rocío Carrasco, the program, the producer, the chain”, she highlighted referring to the docuseries “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive”.

“Sometimes I am even ashamed to complain about the repercussions and the personal and professional wear and tear that I have had, because you only have to look to realize that the real suffering is that suffered by the victims, their families, and I don’t even want to say the orphans.” She continued.

The presenter also thanked all the support that her husband Carlos has given her, in all those months in which she has been in the focus of all the criticism. But she also praised Rocío, her bosses and the “Sálvame” team, “all those who consciously try to make this television a television that is feminist and that fights for equality”.

“Rocío is better, I think she’s someone else. Somehow, she had no other way out than to tell what was happening to her. We were all judging her, prejudging her, crushing her because we did not understand her attitude, and it is true that we did not have her version”, she declared about the daughter of Rocío Jurado.

“I think her life is different right now. As the Government delegate Mercedes González has said, the program is a television milestone and for society, and it is also for it. Everything she has told has transcended her life, and many women have felt recognized”, she stressed.

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