The singer  Diego ‘el Cigala’ has had to cancel a concert as a result of the demonstrations that have been called

This Saturday night Diego ‘el Cigala’ was going to face one of the most difficult situations of his life, getting on stage for the first time after being reported by his wife for “continued physical and psychological abuse.”

Even his most die-hard fans are not immune from such a serious accusation. And the audience that would attend Diego’s performance tonight at the Parador de Nerja could become a double-edged sword. This is why at the last minute it was decided to cancel the event, as reported by the EFE agency.

The moral credibility of the artist has been undermined by a complaint that could land you in prison, if the veracity of the accusations of your partner is proven.

A source close to ‘Cigala’ reveals that “the collateral victims of this controversy are Diego’s children”, especially the two older ones, who are more aware of the seriousness of the events. The other two, born from his union with the woman who has just denounced him, are too young to understand extreme marital problems.

This couple is called Dolores Méndez, known in their environment as Kina, or Quina, is a cantaora from Jerez de la Frontera, mother of Manuel and Aurora, two children of four and two years who remain with their mother, and in view of what happened, it is not known when they will meet their father again.

Diego and Dolores, from what Ricardo, a friend of both, tells us, “they have had a somewhat chaotic relationship, with many ups and downs. She was married to an American guitarist and is an extraordinary cantaora. But it went into the background due to Diego’s artistic grandeur. That’s the risk of joining a star”.

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