Diego Arrabal publishes the image that sinks Antonio David: “The truth only has one way”

Diego Arrabal publishes the image that sinks Antonio David: “The truth only has one way”

The paparazzi now seems to be distancing himself from the movement that supports Rocío Carrasco’s ex-husband

The broadcast of the documentary series by Rocío Carrasco, in which, among many other matters, she narrated the alleged physical and psychological abuse to which Antonio David would have subjected her, caused an unprecedented uproar in Spain and since then public opinion is divided on this matter.

Through social networks have been created support movements the main protagonists, and one of the most powerful is the well-known ‘blue tide’ that advocates for the innocence of Malaga and the defense of his family.

The collaborator, who has always been one of the most critical voices with Rocío Carrasco and defender of the presumption of innocence of Antonio David, has changed his speech this time to question the figures that the man from Malaga shared about the attendees who attended the rally.

The truth only has one way: if there are 300 people, I have to report that there are 300 people. Report 1000/2000 It’s called manipulating, lying, selling smoke, which I thought you detested,” he snapped through his YouTube channel, alluding to the support platforms for the former Civil Guard, who did not seem to like the real numbers being made public.

In addition, Diego Arrabal also shared a photograph that leaves no room for doubt. It is an image of the Malaga square where the rally was called, in which it is perfectly appreciated that, not by far, the 1000 attendees were reached. Much less 2000.

In addition, it is specified that the snapshot was taken at the peak of the demonstration, when Antonio David made his star appearance to address his followers, as if he were a leader.

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