Olvido Hormigos reveals how Toño Sanchís is

Olvido Hormigos reveals how Toño Sanchís is

We have not heard from Toño Sanchís for a long time and the truth is that we would love to know how he is, what his new life is like, what he does professionally now that he no longer represents the great of television -Belén Esteban- and about everything, at what point is your litigation with Belén Esteban.

Although we do not know anything about him through the media, through social networks the truth is that he does not stop talking about his ‘enemies’ of Telecinco. We also know about him when we talk to some of his friends, as on this occasion, that we have been able to speak with Olvido Hormigos and he has told us how he is.

Olvido Hormigos continues to defend Toño Sanchís at all costs despite the fact that she messed with the weight of the husband of her former representative, Belén Esteban, on social networks. A fact that I forget justifies: “He is very hurt. They have hurt him a lot. The damage they have done to him cannot be compared to saying he is overweight. It is not comparable.”

What Olvido has assured us is that the relationship she has with Toño Sanchís is not the same as it has been for years: “I love Toño very much. We don’t have much physical contact, but I love him and he also loves me. phone from time to time, they’re fine, but I don’t follow social networks or Toño’s either, I can’t tell you”.

Away from television and focused on her teaching career, she exconcejala, assures that she has overcome the episode of her erotic video that was made public and it is a topic that her family no longer deals with because: “It is not necessary. And Valeria I hope he never finds out”.

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