Fortnite: when will season 8 end and Chapter 3 begin?

Fortnite: when will season 8 end and Chapter 3 begin?

The Battle Royale prepares a great update for the first days of December. Rumors suggest that Spider-Man would be the protagonist of season 1 of Chapter 3.

Events Fortnite Battle Royale are the most anticipated video game industry. Epic Games has always surprised gamers with different interactive events at the end of each season. For example, at the end of season 7 of the current chapter, we saw how the spaceship took the farm and the gamers.

Well, everything seems to indicate that Chapter 3 will end with the closing event of Season 8. According to the latest rumors, the impressive event will take place on December 5.

Once the show ends, the title would close its servers until the 6th of that same month (in the same style of the black hole of months ago). Recall that Epic Games surprised all gamers with a black hole that consumed the entire map and it was impossible to play for more than 12 hours.

The HYPEX dataminer, the same one that leaked the arrival of Naruto as a playable character, announced that the event is codenamed “The End” or “The end.”

” The End” Now that the playlist was leaked , “I can finally talk about this: Chapter 3 is planned for release on December 7 ( it is very good indeed) and Blackhole stays between 5 and 6. These sources were NEVER wrong in many things, if they are wrong this time, I will blame myself hahaha ”, he explains through social networks.

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