Giulia Mutti is back with Notte fonda, the new single with a bursting sound, alluring towards a certain pop rock tinged with electronics that also incorporates pianos, guitars and real drums in the production, led by the skilled hands of Fabrizio Barbacci and Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano, without ever disconnecting by the importance of a direct text with a strong impact. Gritty singer-songwriter, born in 1993, with one foot in auteur music and one in pop.

Giulia Mutti

Giulia Mutti

After participating in Sanremo Giovani in 2018 with “Almeno tre”, he publishes in 2020 “La testa fuori”, his first album of unreleased songs, produced by the Italian rock guru Fabrizio Barbacci and takes him around on the summer tour, opening among others the concenti dei Negrita. Giulia Mutti with a strong live attitude, this year returns to the music scene with Notte deepa, the new single. Pressing and tight verses in the meter leave room for an open chorus, with a light-hearted and suffering melody at the same time.

The song tells of a couple who reflect on their condition and find in each other the lifeline to look at tomorrow with greater serenity. Through images drawn from the world of music, the Tuscan singer-songwriter outlines the traits of a story in which ups and downs dominate but in which feelings triumph, overcoming the difficulties encountered along the way.

Late night wants to talk about pulling the heart over the obstacle, throwing it, taking it back, giving it, putting it back together. The idea of ​​building a house on one’s fears and unhinging certainties was born from despair, taking care to find a shoulder to cry on, because even in the most total desperation in us the desire to be reborn always wins.

Deep night is the glimmer of hope on the edge of a ravine, a handkerchief ready to wipe away tears, a one-way ticket to a safe harbor, a hand to hold tight in a newspaper where standing ovations mix with whistles.

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