A couple of weeks after a medical board called to investigate the death of Diego Maradona determined that the former soccer player did not receive adequate treatment for a patient with his condition, justice on Wednesday aggravated the charges against the seven defendants in the case.

The prosecutors in charge of the investigation charged the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque and the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov, who were the visible faces of the medical team that cared for the star, and five other health professionals for “simple homicide with intentional intent.”

The seven will have to give an investigatory statement to the prosecutors as of the end of May.

Maradona died on November 25 at the age of 60, due to a cardiorespiratory arrest, while serving a home stay on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, after undergoing surgery to remove a cranial edema.


Faced with some suspicions surrounding the death, the justice initially charged Luque and the rest of the professionals with manslaughter. This crime provides for a lesser penalty in case of conviction.

The change in the cover of the case occurred in early May, when a medical board called by the courts ruled that there was medical negligence in Maradona’s death.

Verónica Ojeda, mother of Diego Fernando Maradona, the youngest son of the 1986 world champion in Mexico, shared the court decision through her social networks.

According to the medical experts, “the signs of life risk presented by the patient were ignored”, and Maradona “began to die at least 12 hours before 12:30 pm on 11/25/2020, that is, He presented unequivocal signs of a prolonged agonizing period, which is why we conclude that the patient was not properly controlled from 0:30 a.m. hours”.

The home stay in a house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, rented for Maradona to undergo rehabilitation after cranial surgery, “did not meet the minimum guidelines for such in a patient with complex multiple pathologies presented” by the captain of the Argentine team. world champion in 1986.

In another of the paragraphs of the report, the experts affirmed that Maradona “would not have died had he had an adequate hospitalization, taking into account the situation documented in the days prior to his death, in a multipurpose health center receiving care according to the good medical practices ”.

In addition to Luque and Cosachov, the psychologist Carlos Díaz; the nurses Dahiana Madrid and Ricardo Almirón; doctor Nancy Forlini and nurse coordinator Mariano Perroni.

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