The controversial video was recorded while Cynthia Klitbo took a photo with Grupo Firme, when she was seen from an unflattering angle, unleashing rumors that she could be a pregnant belly.

The actress Cynthia Klitbo is giving what to talk about on social networks after a video was released in which she appears with a mysterious belly that they assured could be a pregnancy, although for many it was a mockery and absolute lack of respect because the actress is 55 years old.

In the midst of the controversy over recent statements by Juan Vidal in which he once again mocked Cynthia Klitbo by ensuring that she does not have to pay for her psychological treatment since she has had problems for more than 30 years because “she has been raped , abused, beaten, she has fought with husbands with blows, with knives”, in recent days a video was released through social networks, where the villain of the soap operas appears wearing a belly that, according to some users, it could be a pregnancy.

The recording that caused a tremendous uproar was recently exposed by the “Gossip No Like” program on Instagram, but in reality it happened on September 29 when the actress attended the Billboard Latin Music Awards and lived behind the scenes with several celebrities. like Christina Aguilera, Jaime Camil, Maluma and Grupo Firme.

But it was precisely while taking a photo with Eduin Caz and company, when Cynthia Klitbo was seen from an unflattering angle, so the rumors that point to a baby bump immediately arose.

Of course, the images gave a lot to talk about on the part of the fans of the first actress, who immediately defended her, arguing that it is a total lack of respect for an artist with Klitbo’s career, immediately discarding said version.

“That she is an older woman with a normal body”, “Please, she is already 55 years old, so she is going to be thinking about having another baby. Don’t make fun of it“,”Can’t a woman at that age have a normal belly?”“Nobody can eat two tamale cakes at ease anymore“,”I think it’s disrespectful, she’s not pregnant“,”Please don’t be ridiculous. A woman with a normal body“, some users wrote in the comments section.

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