Altair Jarabo has already been married for a year to Frédéric García, who is 20 years older than the actress. Altair defended her relationship and confessed that the age difference has its advantages

Altair Jarabo continues to be the target of strong criticism for marrying a man almost 20 years older than her; However, just over a year after her happy marriage, the actress decided to uncover the advantages of marrying an older man.

It was on August 16, 2021 when the television star fulfilled one of her dreams, as she arrived at the altar with Frédéric García who is 55 years old today, an important businessman from France with whom she got engaged at the beginning of this 2021 .

Although the actress has repeatedly confirmed how happy she is at this stage of her life, she continues to be questioned about her marriage, especially about the age difference since she is 19 years older. This is how she once again ended her speculations and sent a forceful response to her detractors through her social networks.

And it is that, during a question and answer session in the stories of his official Instagram profile, the star of soap operas such as “Por Amar Sin Ley”, “En Nombre del Amor” and “Mi Pecado”, answered the question: “How is the relationship with your husband who is older than you?”.

In a forceful way, but at the same time polite and calm, Altair Jarabo, 36, stressed that having a relationship with an older man has great advantages, so she even dares to recommend living an experience like hers. .

“What can I tell you? Other than that I highly recommend them. I feel cared for, supported, loved. That’s how it should be, ”replied the villain of the soap operas.

Of course, she divided her opinions, because while some women supported her version about sharing life with an experienced man, some more assured that she is with him only out of interest because in reality she seems like her father.

“You see him as a father more than a life partner”, “He confirmed, the older ones serve us better in all aspects”, “With money everything is nice”, “He has what you need, which are tickets”, “It will be the money”, “Yes, the same as with a dad”, wrote only some TikTok users, where the video was resumed.

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