Earlier this week, Víctor Sandoval gave the bell in full live of ‘Secret Story: the house of secrets’ affirming that Cristina Porta and Nuria Yáñez, better known as ‘Fresita’, maintain a kinship that had gone unnoticed until now. And it is that the journalist and the one who was the winner of the fifth edition of ‘Big Brother’ are cousins. “To your cousin, who you never name, to my friend. To my friend ‘Fresita’, that you never name her”, the television reproached Luca Onestini’s ex.

The winner of ‘GH 5’ positioned herself on the side of Víctor Sandoval stating that her cousin had never addressed her, not even to thank her defense during the time that Cristina Porta remained in the first edition of the Telecinco reality show. “I think we should support each other and, instead, what I see is that it seems that he does not like to name me,” Nuria Yáñez affirmed. A few words that the journalist did not like at all, so she has decided to defend herself and dismantle her cousin from her through Mediaset’s ‘Outdoor’ portal.

“Is not true. She followed her and we talked, ”she explains in exclusive statements for the aforementioned medium. And not only that. Cristina Porta assures that she did appreciate the support of her cousin as soon as she left the house of ‘Secret Story’: “As soon as she left the program, I wrote to her: ‘Nuria, thank you very much for supporting me. On the show I’ve always said I’m your cousin.’”

Cristina Porta, very forceful

‘Fresita’ and Cristina Porta not only exchange messages privately, but also in public and through social networks, as the ‘Outdoor’ portal shows through several screenshots. In them, it is seen how the sports journalist addressed her cousin on February 21 to ask for an interview on the radio program that the former ‘GH’ contestant has. “ When are you interviewing me, cousin?” asked Porta. “Whenever you want, princess”, answered Nuria.

“Although we don’t know each other, it has hurt me that someone of my blood is capable of ‘selling’ me by being a lie. I would never have done that interview. There each one with the conscience of him. In the interview she already says about going to Honduras together. Now there are a lot of people who name me because they think I’m going to go to ‘Survivors’ and see if it works out” , Cristina Porta ends up saying very emphatically.

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