The guests for the 2022 Qatar World Cup are beginning to be defined . 15 teams already have their ticket, but on this FIFA Date another 14 teams will be defined that will attend the fair that will take place from the following November 21.

And the last three available spots will be played until June in the playoff matches, which will be played between the AFC and Conmebol , Concacaf against Oceania. In addition to a match that cannot be defined at the moment due to the conflict that exists between Russia and Ukraine.

The teams that have already secured their place in the World Cup are Qatar , which is the host, Brazil and Argentina, from Conmebol , Iran and South Korea from the AFC , while from UEFA they are Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.



The Central and North American confederation gives three direct tickets to the World Cup and one to the playoffs. The selections that at the moment have the direct pass are Canada , the United States and Mexico . While Panama and Costa Rica will be looking for fourth place for the playoffs.

Mexico will face the United States, Honduras and El Salvador. Canada will play against Costa Rica, Panama and Jamaica, while the Stars and Stripes team, in addition to visiting the Azteca stadium to play with the Tricolor, will also face Panama and Costa Rica .


One of the closest qualifiers takes place in South America . Brazil and Argentina already have their pass and two direct places are at stake that several teams have the possibility of taking. At the moment they are occupied by Ecuador (25 pts) and Uruguay (22 pts), but Peru , Chile and Colombia could come into dispute.

Ecuador will face Paraguay and Argentina , while Uruguay receives Peru and visits Chile , who will first play against Brazil . Colombia has a more complicated scenario, since in addition to its confrontations ( Bolivia and Venezuela ), it will depend on other results. Whoever finishes fifth in the tie will face the fifth Asian team in June in the playoffs.


In Europe there are still three passes to Qatar 2022, but without a doubt this confederation has been affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine . The Russian team was suspended and will not be able to play in the world football tournament, so its rival, Poland , advanced directly to the final of Route B and will face the winner of the match between Sweden and the Czech Republic .

Another affectation is that the match between Scotland vs Ukraine was postponed due to the aforementioned conflict, so it will be defined until June. The opposition of these teams in the Path A final will be between Wales and Austria . Route C will have one of the most striking disputes where teams like Portugal and Italy are, which in the semifinals will receive Turkey and North Macedonia, respectively.


In Asia , the third qualifying stage will culminate, which is made up of two groups of six teams. The first two have the direct pass, while the third will play a single game tie that will put them in the playoff against the fifth of Conmebol. Saudi Arabia and Japan lead sector B, while Australia is in third place and will momentarily face the United Arab Emirates for a spot in the playoffs.


Oceania has half a pass. The winner of the qualification will face the fourth place in the Concacaf qualifier. New Zealand is the favorite team.

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